Upgrade Computer Memory

Computer specifications are filled with letters and numbers that might be confusing, not only to first-time buyers, but even experienced computer users. Computer owners who want to keep their machines current without buying a new system every year will face many choices in how to upgrade computer memory as well as other options in upgrading. Knowing which specifications should be modified to be kept current in the progress of technology, and which need only be improved for the sake of bragging rights, will let owners make informed choices without being overwhelmed by numbers and acronyms.

Computer RAM is one of the most popular choices when the time comes to upgrade computer memory, because it improves the system's performance regardless of its primary use. Even a computer used solely for surfing the internet will have noticeably improved performance: pages will load faster, the internet browser will not be slowed as much by having multiple windows or tabs open, and files will download at much swifter speeds.

The acronym RAM stands for random access memory, as opposed to ROM, or read only memory. As the names suggest, ROM cannot have new information written to it - the information can only be read by the computer. Most casual computer users are familiar with CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs, which share this trait unless they are specifically labelled as rewritable or RW. Computer RAM, on the other hand, constantly records new information as the machine is put to various uses. The recorded information includes both temporary and permanent data and can be accessed in no specific order.

Gamers are one of the demographics of computer users that receive a lot of benefit from upgraded computer RAM. While a great deal of emphasis in the gaming world is placed upon a cutting edge graphics card, that alone will not bring the newest games to life in their fullest potential without plenty of computer memory. All the popular 3D games perform at higher resolutions with this upgrade, adding realism with crisper images; brighter, more vivid colors; and 3D images rendered with amazing realism. The versatility that greater RAM gives allows for stunningly convincing characters and animation that is almost as smooth as real life motion.

Another popular primary computer use improved by upgraded RAM is video editing. Slow systems make editing a frustrating version of the waiting game, which can quickly kill enthusiasm for a project. A generous RAM allowance will let big name programs work lightning-quick to turn the visions of video editors to amazing, creative reality. A RAM upgrade will allow any computer to do what its user asks of it with greater efficiency and speed to provide a more pleasant, effective performance.